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We are a Mobile Sharpening Services.

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Price List

 Hair Stylist:

Convex Edge Shears Honed $20.00 each

Thinning Shears $20.00 each


Bevel Edge Shears Honed  $15.00 each

Pet Groomers:

Pet Grooming Shears and thinners  $15.00 each

Clipper Blades $6.50 each

Clipper Machine repair $15.00 + Parts

Household Items:

Pocket Knives $5.00 each

Kitchen Knives $10.00 each

Scissors $10.00 each

Straight Razor:

Honing Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel $25.00

Straight razor repair services:

Remove minor blade issues caused by improper stropping. Add $5.00 to cost above.

Correction of “un-even edge”. Add $5.00 to cost above.

Straight Razor Restoration (Pricing ranges from $45 to $65 depending on condition of blade and scales. Send us a few pictures of your straight razor for a quote)


All sharpening Include: Shear Inspection, cleaning, sharpening, lubrication, polishing, minor repairs, and bumper replacement as needed. Parts have extra charge. Each pair is also set and tested by hand. Satisfaction Guarantied.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

All work is preform and tested before returned, to the highest of our quality standards. However we ask that you test each piece to make sure they performs too your standards with in a 7 day period. After this period all work is agreed done correctly.



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